Fried feta on toast with honey & thyme

Fried feta on toast with honey & thyme
Fried feta on toast with honey & thyme

Out of all the cheeses, I buy feta most regularly. Not just because I love it but because it’s so versatile. I crumble it on top of stews, stir it through pasta and toss it around in my salads but frying it? Not so much, until now.
However, this crumbly tangy cheese may be versatile but its shelf-life is its downfall. Much like the The Little Mermaid, this cheese has just three days (after opening) before it turns bad and loses Prince Eric’s love forever. Well, what I mean is, it starts to smell and taste like a tramps foot and no Prince wants that… (Disney fans click here to reminisce).
Anyway, by day three it’s decision time, I have 100g of the stuff left and have run out of things to do with it. I had pasta for dinner yesterday, I have no salad and I’ve run out of stew – things are getting tense. Maybe I could just stuff it in my mouth? I mean, that’s gotta be better than just binning it, right?
‘No, no, no’ I whisper under my breath, stroking its cold and slimy back with my finger ‘you deserve better than that my friend.’
“Err, what are you doing?” Jamie is standing in the doorway looking confused and slightly horrified at me.
“OH! Um… Just thought it had a hair on it but it doesn’t, phew!” I say slightly too shrilly. “Toast?”
“Yeah go on then” he says as he turns his attention back to The Sopranos.
So I coat the feta in flour, dip it in egg and fry it before serving it on toast drizzled in honey and topped with fresh thyme. ‘It’s what he would have wanted’ I say softly to myself.
“WHAT?” shouted Jamie from the living room.
“NOTHING!” I say hurriedly wiping honey off my chin.

Fried feta on toast with thyme & honey
Serves 1 / Hands on time 10 mins / Total time 10 mins / V
1 piece of sourdough, toasted
100g vegetarian feta, cut into 2 slices
1 heaped tbs plain flour
1 egg
Thyme leaves
1 tbs rapeseed oil
tbs runny honey

TIP: If your honey is a little hard and crystallised, pop the jar in a saucepan and fill with boiling water. This will melt it in no time.  

1. On a small side plate, add a heaped tablespoon of flour. Slice the feta into two even slices and dust well in the flour.
2. Beat the egg in a small bowl, season well with salt and pepper and pour onto a plate. Dip the cheese into the egg and cover evenly.

3. In a small frying pan on a medium heat add a tablespoon of rapeseed oil. Once hot, carefully place the cheese in and fry gently on each side for a couple of minutes or until golden.
4. Serve on a piece of toasted sourdough, drizzled generously with honey and sprinkled with thyme leaves. Yum!


Fried feta on toast with honey & thyme
Fried feta on toast with honey & thyme

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V– Vegetarian

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