About Me

My name is Corrie and I knitted the top I’m wearing in this picture (skills). Anyway, I’m a vegetarian food blogger (obviously), Sainsbury’s magazine’s Art Editor (bizarrely), a qualified nutritionist (hilariously) and a Thai massage therapist (randomly).
I grew up in a very exotic town called ‘Luton’ but now live in North London with my boyfriend Jamie. I spend most of my time, cooking, eating and knitting.

“Right let’s get to it. We’ve all seen her, gliding effortlessly through Borough market on a Saturday in her size 8 jeans, basket full of sourdough and delicately wrapped cheeses. Her hair is long and silkily falls over her shoulders as she bends down to smell a vine of tomatoes. She knows all the market traders by name of course ‘Oh Phil you’re so naughty, oh alright, I’ll take an ounce of the Stravecchio parmesan, Toby adores it (Toby being the perfect fiancé who is also insufferably beautiful and successful). Olivia (that’s what I’ve decided to call her) sweeps back through the market picking up a bunch of parsley for the quinoa tabbouleh she’s making for Toby’s mothers barbecue blah blah blah… I know, her perfection is vomit inducing.

Although saying that, I obviously want to be her but it’s actually okay that I’m not. The food blogger world is saturated with bloody ‘Olivia’s and I’m increasingly desperate for something a bit more relatable. I haven’t managed to find it yet though, so you’re stuck with me, a size 12, thirty something woman living in Camden. I work over 45 hours a week and like most Londoners, love my drink and my food but don’t have a lot of money or time to cook it. However, over the past few years I’ve managed to build up a catalogue of recipes as well as time and money saving tips and cheats. So let me introduce myself properly, my name’s Corrie and I don’t spend my Saturday mornings poncing around Borough Market buying sourdough. In fact, most of my Saturday mornings are spent either with my head down the toilet dangerously hungover or on the sofa watching Saturday Kitchen followed by hours of Come Dine With Me. Shit, it’s suddenly 4 o’clock and I’ve done nothing but eat half a loaf of bread in cheese and marmite sandwiches.

Anyway, Like a lot of women, I’ve been on a diet most of my adult life. It’s rubbish, especially when your hobbies include ordering a large Domino’s, drinking a bottle of Rioja and having a good cry on a Friday evening. That’s not to say that I don’t like healthy food, I weirdly have a diploma in nutrition but I need a diet that will accommodate my spectacular ‘wagon fall offs’. That’s why the food I cook on this blog will predominantly be health conscious, nutritious and economical.

Oh, and before we go any further, can I just say that I hate quinoa. There I said it, now we can all get on with our lives.”

This blog is in loving memory of my dad Graham, aka the fussiest vegetarian who ever walked the earth. All my recipes are inspired by and created for him.

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