Easy overnight oats

Easy Overnight Oats
Easy Overnight Oats

Lets all pretend to be Deliciously Ella for a day and make some overnight oats shall we? Now I know Ella didn’t invent overnight oats but I can picture her making them more than anyone else in the world. I can see her now, pouring oats, seeds and nuts out of individual Kilner jars and covering them with homemade almond milk, before gliding upstairs to bed in her silk pyjamas and White Company socks. She closes her bedroom door before quietly sobbing over the fact she can’t have a Domino’s. I mean she literally can’t, there isn’t a single thing on that menu that poor girl can eat. This in turn, has made me a lot more humble about eating pizza ‘I’m doing this for you Ella’ I think, as I stuff a large slice into my face. Delicious.
But we’re not having pizza today folks, although I did last week, thus the need for a healthy breakfast. So lets totes eat some oats (see what I did there) and save up all our delicious calories for pizza, cakes, pies and Percy Pigs (veggie ones of course).

This post is dedicated to all those who lost their lives last Saturday night in the London Bridge terror attack. My heart goes out to their friends and families.

Easy overnight oats
Serves 1 / Hands on time 5 mins / Total time 5 mins + chilling  / V Vn Df 
50g oats
1 tbs cashews
1 tbs pumpkin seeds
1 tbs flaxseed mill (optional)
175ml coconut milk
¼ tsp vanilla extract
1 tbs maple syrup
1 passion fruit, seeds scraped out
Handful of fresh berries
Lemon wedge

1. Measure out 50g of oats and add to an airtight tupperware container with a lid. Add 1 tbs of flaxseed mill, cashews and pumpkin seeds and give it a quick stir.
2. Add the coconut milk, a Tbs of maple syrup and a quarter tsp of vanilla essence. Give it a quick stir and then pour over the oats. Give it another good stir with a spoon, making sure all the oats are covered. Pop the lid on and refrigerate overnight.
3. Spoon into a bowl, top with passion fruit, berries and a squeeze of lemon.

Easy Overnight Oats

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V– Vegetarian    Vn– Vegan    Df– Dairy free

Homemade Hobnobs


Shall we have some more treats? Yes, I think we should. I only have a wedding in two weeks that I need to lose at least 4 stone for but that should be fine. Worse comes to the worst I can always chop my leg off, a leg surely must weigh about 4 stone, although that doesn’t help my fat face situation. Maybe I shouldn’t have made biscuits after all? Oh well, it’s too late for that, I’ve already eaten five.

I actually learnt to make these oaty biscuits at school but haven’t made them for about 10 years, I stumbled across the recipe the other day. I managed to make them out of ingredients I found in the back of my cupboard, nice and convenient. This has literally never happened to me before and probably never will again, I never have anything I need to make anything in this life.

Anyway, I love these biscuits because they’re short and buttery but not too sweet. If you have a sweet tooth though, feel free to dip them in melted chocolate for a more indulgent biscuit… Kind of wish I’d done that now. Enjoy!

Homemade Hobnobs
Makes 12-14 biscuits / Takes 30 minutes
100g softened butter
100g demerara sugar
50g plain flour
160g oats
half tsp bicarbonate of soda
2 egg yolks
A good crack of salt
Baking paper

1. Preheat your oven to 180c (fan 160c). Cream the butter and the sugar together, once combined beat in the 2 egg yolks.
2. Add the dry ingredients, a good crack of salt (the salt is important) and mix well.


3. Turn the mixture out onto a large piece of baking paper. Dust a rolling pin with flour and then roll out the mixture to around half a centimetre. Cut your biscuits out (I just use a small mug as I don’t own a cookie cutter) and pop them on to a greased baking tray. Sprinkle each biscuit with a pinch of demerara sugar and pop in the oven for 10-12 minutes.

4. Allow to cool for five minutes and then transfer the biscuits to a cooling rack. Enjoy with a nice cup of tea.
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