Lebanese Wraps

Lebanese Falafel Wraps
Lebanese Falafel Wraps

I love a falafel wrap for lunch, it’s my go to hangover cure or Friday treat. In fact, there are two great falafel stalls near where I work that I’m obsessed with. The first is a small Lebanese falafel stall on Earlham Street just off Seven Dials in Covent Garden. For £3.50 you can get a lovingly made falafel wrap from the falafel man. He makes all his own falafels and even pickles his own turnips. I love him.
However, if I’m feeling reeeeeeeeally hungover and need a bigger feed then I walk to Berwick Street Market and join the end of a very long queue for the ‘big dog’ of falafel wraps. Jerusalem Falafel make their own Lebanese flatbreads (Saj) the traditional way right in front of you. The young bread maker, covered head to toe in flour (bless him) will be effortlessly tossing and twirling the dough in his hands before stretching it over a pillow. Finally he throws it onto a hot plate before flinging them into a basket, ready to be filled, wrapped and eaten by hungover people like myself.
As much as I would love to eat at these two delightful stalls every day, I can’t really afford to, so I decided to make my own wraps. I’m using my own baked falafel recipe to save on calories but shop bought falafels work just as well, just use more of them as my falafels are pretty huge. I don’t think I’ve said the word falafel enough in this post, hang on lets count… Oh look, only 10 times, ridiculous.

Lebanese Wraps
Makes 1 wrap / Takes 5-10 minutes / V Vn 🌶
Packet of wholemeal Khobez (this is a flatbread that’s available in most supermarkets but you can always use pitta bread)
2 homemade falafels or 3 shop bought ones
1 tbs Houmous
Handful of chopped iceberg lettuce
Half a sliced tomato
Pickled turnip (These are notoriously hard to find, I went to my local Mediterranean supermarket in Kentish town but you can buy it here)
Half a pickled cucumber (not the sweet ones)
2 to 3 Green chilli peppers in brine
Cayenne pepper sauce (optional)
Freshly chopped parsley (I chop up a whole bag and keep it in some tupperware in the fridge and use it frequently, parsley goes with most things and keeps for a pretty long time)
Baking paper
Salt & Pepper

1. Pop your Khobez under the grill a minute each side to soften.
2. cut yourself a reasonably large piece of baking parchment and pop your Khobez in the centre.

1 3. Cover the Khobez with houmous and start layering your ingredients. Don’t forget to salt and pepper your tomatoes, it makes a big difference. Also, give your falafels a little squash to break them up a bit so you get an even spread. 2

4. Now this is why you need the baking paper as it can get pretty messy, I like to fill my wrap up as much as possible and then just squash it all together. I lift both side of the wrap and try and get the far edges to touch in the centre (they never do). Then as tight as you can roll it up in the baking paper. Half way through fold the bottom of the paper up and carry on rolling so seal the bottom. Twist the top and there you have it, lunch!

3 5. Rip the top of the paper off and eat your way down, don’t attempt to unwrap it or it will almost certainly fall apart in your hands, no one wants that. Enjoy!

HOUMOUS WEEK: Lebanese Wraps
HOUMOUS WEEK: Lebanese Wraps

If you’ve had a go at making my wraps or any of my other recipes I’d love to hear about it. @corrieheale corrie.heale@gmail.com


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