Pomora Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I use Pomora Extra Virgin Olive Oil almost everyday. I drizzle it over eggs on toast, spoon it into soups, mix it into silky salad dressings and even massage it into my face! I love the stuff and have ever since I went to my first ever olive oil tasting. Being a bit of an olive oil sceptic, I didn’t expect good quality olive oil to taste quite so different from my £5 supermarket brand but I was clearly, a complete fool.
Similar to wine, olive oil’s quality and taste are influenced by geographic factors, timing of the harvest, types of varietals and the good care of growers and producers. So basically, I had been drinking the olive oil equivalent of Lambrini for 10 years. Oh dear me.
So I adopted an olive tree and now receive quarterly deliveries from my grower Carmelo in Sicily. I get twelve cans a year, including six seasonal infused flavours that are great for everyday cooking. I drizzle basil oil over caprese salad, I mix truffle oil into pasta and brush garlic oil on toast. I whisk lemon oil into my salad dressings, roast vegetables in rosemary oil and drizzle chilli oil over my pizza. Oh and as for the six cans of original olive oil, it’s creamy, distinctive and utterly delicious. To find out how you can adopt an olive tree click here.

Adoption Pack

Carmelo, Sicily

(This is not an advert. All products featured in the section are products I genuinely use and like. No money has exchanged hands (unfortunately.)

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