Hotel Chocolate Spice Cacao Tea

Hotel Chocolate Spice Cacao Tea £5… Sounds a bit wrong doesn’t it but trust me, it’s so very right. Every time I get a chocolate craving (which is a lot) I reach for one of these bad boys. They’re chocolatey without being sweet, they’re oddly refreshing and my god, they smell so good! With every mouthful I stick my nose deeper into my mug and inhale all the warm spicy notes of India, it’s truly intoxicating. Don’t forget though, it is just a tea, not a giant Toblerone, so if you’re having serious chocolate cavings, then this ain’t gonna cut the mustard. However, if you’re a bit like me and you like a fruit tea situation, then this will certainly excite you… Perhaps not as much as a Toblerone but then what does in life?
Teaolat Spice Cacao, Chai and Chilli, £5
(This is not an advert. All products featured in the section are products I genuinely use and like. No money has exchanged hands (unfortunately).


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