My avocado on toast

My Avocado on Toast

I’m not going to tell you how to make avocado on toast but I am going to tell you my current favourite breakfast combo. I make this most Saturday mornings for me and Jamie, I love it and I think he likes it – he could always make his own breakfast but that has literally never happened.

Rub a piece of toast with a raw garlic clove and top with half a smashed avocado seasoned with salt and pepper. Sprinkle with smoked paprika, pumpkin seeds and a good drizzle of Pomora extra virgin olive oil. Top with two rashers of vegetarian bacon – I rarely eat meat substitutes but I do like veggie bacon every now and again. Finish with a fried egg (I like the gorgeous orange yolked Clarence Court eggs) and enjoy your weekend… I know it’s Monday but we can dream.

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V– Vegetarian

8 thoughts on “My avocado on toast

  1. Petronela has never eaten avocado but recently said she’d like to try it. This might be a good introduction but I’ll use real bacon, and “very free range eggs” from some local happy, pretty hens (all have names, one being Petronela (!) who lay eggs getting on for goose egg size. That deep colour too and the taste is extraordinary.

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    1. Wonderful idea! I love using posh eggs from hens with middle-class names. I buy Clarence Court blue ones, the orange yolks are delicious. Let me know know how Petronela’s first avocado experience goes down. I’d love to eat an egg from a chicken with my name but sadly there aren’t many Corrie chickens about in London.


      1. Hi Corrie. Had your avocado breakfast, without bacon, for dinner tonight. Petronela loved it so has isisted that now we add avocado to our diet. I wasn’t sure she’d eat it so reversed the courses, soup (tomato, sweet pepper and cinnamon, with sour cream) after the avocado toast. So, thanks for the recipe.
        Couldn’t guarantee the egg was laid by Petronela 😜

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