Courgette Spaghetti with Caper & Avocado Pesto

Courgette Spaghetti with Caper & Avocado Pesto
Courgette Spaghetti with Caper & Avocado Pesto

Now I know it’s getting cold and all anyone wants to do is eat hot melty cheese but I feel and look like a fat spotty whale. I ate so much cheese last week, that I managed to give myself midnight cheese sweats. Sweats aside, I’m also very close to throwing all my clothes in a skip and replacing them with snazzy loose fitting tracksuits, because nothing I currently own fits me. Something must be done before I turn into Vicky Pollard.
I wish there was some sort of gadget that could turn vegetables into spaghetti, oh wait, there is. I’ve known about spiralizing for a while now having lived in Crouch End for some years (middle-class capital of London). “Oh little Timothy can’t eat wheat or gluten so I have to get our au pair to spiralize all his meals for him”… In case you don’t know what a spiralizer is, it’s a little kitchen gadget that turns vegetables into spaghetti, that is it, not exactly the wheel. Anyway, I got one sent to me at work so begrudgingly thought I’d try it. Not sure why I have such beef with spiralizing, perhaps I’ll ponder this whilst I spiralize my courgettes for this recipe.
Anyway, if you don’t feel wanky enough to spiralize your courgettes then simply substitute the courgette for actual spaghetti, will taste just as nice. Actually, it will probably taste better, pasta is way better than boring courgettes! Enjoy!

Courgette Spaghetti with Caper & Avocado Pesto
Serves 2 / takes 25 minutes / Vegan

3 avocados
Juice 1 lime
50g Brazil nuts
Large handful of fresh mint leaves
12 chestnut mushrooms
5 heaped tsps of capers (drained)
2 large garlic clove crushed
1tbs olive oil
2 large courgettes
Large bunch of Roughly torn Basil leaves
Pomegranate seeds for dressing
Extra virgin olive oil to drizzle
Salt and pepper

1. Blitz the Brazil nuts in a food processor for a couple of minutes until they resemble crumbs. Add the 2 avocados, mint, the juice of the lime, salt and pepper and blend again until smooth. As its blending add a few tbs of water until you get the pesto consistency you want.  Put to one side.


2. Fry the mushrooms, garlic and capers in a tbs of oil until soft in a large pot. Season well with salt and pepper and take off the heat. chop up the last avocado and mix it in with the mushrooms. Cover and put to one side.


3. Spiralize the courgettes and pop them into salted boiling water for 3-4 minutes and drain. Mix the pesto in with the mushrooms and then gradually add the courgette pasta until all fully combined

4. Finally, sprinkle with the torn basil and top with a small handful of pomegranate seeds. Season with salt and pepper and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and you’re good to go.


If you’ve had a go at making my courgette spaghetti or any of my other recipes I’d love to hear about it. @corrieheale

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