REVIEW: Hello Fresh


Three healthy meals for two people for a week for free you say?! Don’t mind if I do.
My best friend Philippa recently sent me a free Hello Fresh box to try. For those of you who don’t know what Hello Fresh is, it’s essentially a food delivery service that takes the hassle out of cooking. They provide you with three balanced meals, all the ingredients and an easy step by step guide on how to make them in 30 minutes. Sounds pretty sweet right? That’s because it is.
I ordered the vegetarian box which consisted of the Smokey Ratatouille with Goats Cheese and Garlic Bruchetta, Singapore Tofu Laksa and the Quinoa Moroccan Summer Salad… And that’s when my heart sank. As you may have guessed, me and quinoa don’t get on but I’m willing to make an exception in the name of science.

Meal 1.
Well my boyfriend LOVED this! So did I actually and I’m not a huge fan of ratatouille. Being a vegetarian I’ve eaten A LOT of bad ratatouille in my time but this one was truly delicious. That being said though, the timings of this recipe were a little off (roasted vegetables do not take 15 minutes) but this meal was very easy to make and very flavoursome. As this was the first meal I cooked from Hello Fresh I mistakenly used all the ingredients for this recipe, at the top of the step by step it stipulates the quantities you’re suppose to use, I missed that… Probably still would have used the entire block of goats cheese anyway though because I’m a greedy pig. It was a bit like eating pasta sauce with a piece of bread so didn’t really feel like dinner but it still scores an impressive 4/5.

Meal 2.
The second meal I made was Tofu Laksa, whimsically named ‘A Slightly Surreal Singapore Tofu Laksa’. Reminded me of how much I loath Pure, they also ‘cleverly’ name all their sandwiches, the worst by far is a falafel wrap called ‘falafalo soilder’… Sigh.
Anyway, this was actually my favourite recipe despite the fact there were far too many noodles and not enough broth to cook them in. Also, the tofu didn’t seem to bring much to the party but then tofu rarely does. All in all though, an exciting home cooked meal for three (definitely too much for two and that’s saying something coming from a greedy guts like me). Great flavour but in the end a little heavy and a little time consuming. 4/5

Meal 3.

NOOOOOOOOOOO! The dreaded quinoa dish!… Okay so it wasn’t quite so dreadful but I wasn’t looking forward to making it AT ALL. In fact, I was so unenthused I left it a week before I finally made it by which point the produce had gone a bit manky. It tasted okay in the end, although the portion size was a little small which was a surprising considering the other meals were ginormous. The minted yogurt dressing was lovely though and I appreciated the apricots and pistachios but sorry quinoa, we’re still not friends. That’s hardly Hello Fresh‘s fault though so I give this meal a 3/5.

Overall, if I didn’t have a food blog I think I’d give this a go once or twice a month. The timings are a little off and all the recipes I tried took me longer than estimated but if you’re a keen cook then don’t let that put you off. All the meals (yes, even the quinoa one) were delicious, convenient and easy to follow. Most of the ingredients provided stayed fresh apart from a couple of spring onions and a few carrots but that’s mainly down to me attempting two of the recipes perhaps a week too late. Definitely worth giving it the old college try, click here to order your box.

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