The Corrie Sandwich


I think I’ve made it pretty clear in previous posts how much I adore houmous and falafel, howevs, I’m not a big fan of them in sandwiches… Yes, you heard me. Don’t get me wrong, a falafel wrap can be a beautiful thing, but cold dry falafels squashed in brown bread with a mere buttering of houmous does not a nice sandwich make! Oh, and if you’re lucky you might find a bit of yogurt slopped inside for good measure… YOGURT DOESN’T BELONG IN A SANDWICH! Also, it’s a piss poor attempt at disguising the unpalatable dryness of it all.
As usual I’ve drifted off topic, sorry about that. Anyway, so this is my favourite sandwich, creatively christened ‘The Corrie Sandwich’ by my ex boyfriend Andrew. He loved it so much he pestered me to make it for him most weekends. I know he’s felt the loss of my sandwich in his life ever since, so Andrew, this one’s for you. Enjoy!

The Corrie Sandwich
Makes 1 sandwich / Takes 10 minutes / V
1 deseeded tomato, sliced
Slices of cucumber
A couple of tsps of Hellman’s mayonnaise
Finley sliced red onion
Handful of salad leaves
3-4 Quorn wafer thin chicken style slices
Fresh brown bread
Salt and Pepper
1 tsp dijon mustard (optional)

… I’m not going to tell you how to assemble a sandwich but I will say this “JUST DON’T FORGET TO SALT AND PEPPER YOUR TOMATOES DAMN YOU!” Just don’t okay?! Good.
You don’t have to deseed your tomato if you’re eating it straight away but if you’re making it for lunch then I would strongly advise it to prevent a soggy sandwich situation.
Also, use your lettuce and the Quorn slices as moist barriers to the onion, tomato and cucumber (see above picture)
Nowadays, I’ve started adding a cheeky bit of Dijon mustard to one of the slices of bread but you don’t have to… YUM!

If you’ve had a go at making my sandwich or any of my other recipes I’d love to hear about it. @corrieheale

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