Perfect Soft Boiled Eggs and Soldiers


Frodo’s quest was to return the ring to Mordor, mine is to learn how to cook the perfect soft boiled egg. The humble egg and solider is a throw back to my childhood, a Saturday morning treat that my mum, and mum’s the world over just seem to know how to do, it’s a frickin conspiracy. How do they manage to get those gooey golden yolks with immaculately set whites every time? Egg boiling freaks! Mine are either too hard or too snotty (nothing worse than a snotty egg).
Anyway, so boiling an egg is easy right? Yes, even a hamster could do it (if it was some kind of horrible giant hamster that could reach a hob). Actually, don’t think hamsters even eat eggs so forget that analogy. Anyway, so soft boiling an egg should be easy right? WRONG!  I’ve dedicated my life (well, some of my time) to trying and testing different egg boiling methods. So get your egg cups out (or your napkin rings/shot glasses, both of which make excellent egg cups) and lets do this!

Perfect Soft Boiled Eggs and Soldiers
Serves 1 / Takes 10 minutes / V
You’ll need… 2 medium eggs at room temperature (you can use refrigerated eggs, it doesn’t seem to make much difference).
Small saucepan.

1. Put two eggs in a small saucepan and fill with cold water. Put on a high heat on a medium ring and cover. Heating the water gradually like this, ensures the eggs gets evenly cooked through, thus preventing a snotty egg white situation.
2. Once the water starts to boil, turn the heat down to avoid vigorous boiling and start timing. After a minute and a half take out the first egg (you’ll eat this one second). Boil the remaining egg for an extra 30 seconds before removing it.
3. The first egg will continue to cook while you eat the second one, that’s why it’s a good idea to take it out 30 seconds before to prevent the egg hard boiling by its self.
4. I like to eat mine with one slice of marmite on toast and one slice with butter.

Perfect Soft Boiled Eggs & Soldiers

If you’ve had a go at making my lasagne or any of my other recipes I’d love to hear about it. @corrieheale

4 thoughts on “Perfect Soft Boiled Eggs and Soldiers

  1. Here’s how a great chef (he was 50 years ago or so; can’t remember his name now) told me to do it (some restaurant in Soho). For a large egg (or two), free-range of course, ensure it/they is/are at room temperature. Put in small pan and just cover with water at room temperature (I usually put them in the water the night before when making for breakfast). Bring to the boil and immediately shut off the heat. Lift them out after 3 minutes. I guess no 2 doesn’t continue to cook because the temp has dropped when they are lifted out. It works for me.

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  2. Thanks Corrie_Louise. I forgot to say I always cut the top of both eggs immediately so that stops the cooking too. You might start a controversy; I did when I said that I knew only two people who could cook good scrambled eggs – one my mother, no longer with us, the other being me ;).

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